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Creamsodazz is a journal made by me, which includes some personal experiences, as well as icons, banners, headers, and other graphics and resources.
Hi; I'm Jen and I'm sixteen years old. I'm in grade ten at an overly crowded high school. I'm not very smart, although I'm probably smarter than I think I am. I'm on the internet every chance that I get. I almost always screw things up and I'm nowhere near perfect, but I've learned to deal with that. I'm a Christian. I have many best friends and I love them ALL. (:
I love when people friend me, even if I don't know them, it's nice to know someone reads my journal. So please, anytime you feel like it, friend me. If I know you, I'll friend back. (;
I have planned to make many communities for everyone to join, including an icon community, a coloring community, and maybe a resource community or fanfiction community. None of these are currently up.
Thanks to snubby for my lovely layouts, and thanks to mintyapple for this profile layout. I use many resources, from various journals. (:

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